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OUR MISSION: PSI aims to be the leading commercial interior specialty contractor in California and Northern Nevada by differentiating itself from its competitors. It does so by offering tailored products and services and by being considered a valued resource and business partner by others in our industry.


Product Features

  1. Only complete End to End Connectivity Solution-including work surface power
  2. Greater Electrical Capacity-10 wire electrical design
  3. Universal Raised Floor Application-Application for finished floor height as low as 2 1/2"
  4. Construction integration universal with interior space/furnishings-raised floor/ceiling plenum works with building interiors
  5. Flexibility-Complete modular design-enhances moves, adds and changes
  6. Custom Load Balancing Capabilities
  7. Reduced Construction Costs-Faster construction timeframes and lower average electrical labor costs (20-30 percent)
  8. Air Handling Plenum Rating-Approved by UL
  9. Financial Cost Considerations-Tax depreciation advantages
...would not hesitate to recommend
your company...
-Jason Williams
Flamingo Resort

Service Features

  1. Design of entire system from closet to work surface or Access Floor Boxes
  2. Budget Estimates provided
  3. All Engineering/Wiring Submittal documents provided
  4. All CAD Installation Drawings provided
  5. Technical Installation Support Available
  6. Lead Times-4-5 Weeks from Order Placement