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OUR MISSION: PSI aims to be the leading commercial interior specialty contractor in California and Northern Nevada by differentiating itself from its competitors. It does so by offering tailored products and services and by being considered a valued resource and business partner by others in our industry.

How a raised floor system can increase the value of your building.

Create more value to an existing building is by installing Tate Floors CA by Partition Specialties. PSI is a full solution provider for all interior environments. Partition Specialties has the experience to customize any interior floor plan, whether it is a raised floor solution for computer rooms, data centers, or a classroom, Partition Specialties, Inc. is ready to help you. By installing an access floor, you quickly increase the value of your building because it becomes more desirable for tenants. It is an effective solution for those companies with problems like elevations that are uneven. PSI is the recognized leader in California, Nevada, and Hawaii for installing these floors. Their experienced staff will analyze your situation to solve any of your flooring needs. Partition Specialties experts can install any of the Tate Floors in office buildings, data computer centers, industrial buildings, schools, clean rooms, educational buildings, and commercial buildings to solve your interior space problem. The best part when you order and install a Tate floor system, be sure to include the air diffusers to help the flow of air keeping it fresh in any room. Besides being a great add-on product, it helps to keep employees feeling good and reduces the health problems of a closed office building, classroom or other major office complex. In order to have a complete access floor program, Tate has introduced their unique flooring system-- Building Technology Platform (BTP). Designers and architects can now specify the flooring systems to work in all different situations making all environments workable, therefore it will allow any room, like a data center, or office to change configuration easily and is cost effective.

Companies can be more flexible with their interior environments. If an employee requires rearranging their office furniture, or computers, the moveable wall partitions can easily change the configuration to create a different interior space for the office, even a classroom, or data center. This freedom allows companies the ability to reconfigure their interior environment as the company grows or needs to scale down. Moveable walls, and raised floors reduce the costs associated with hiring moving crews, or electricians, or purchasing new office furniture. Tate Floors California has tiles and finishes that are available to compliment and match your environment.

Partition Specialties has become one of California's premier installers with trained technicians to evaluate the best flooring solution for your interior environment. As a designer or architect, you may want to consider these other products to make your building look great and workable: Modernfold wall partitions, MOVEO glass walls, and Skyfold retractable hidden ceiling walls.