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OUR MISSION: PSI aims to be the leading commercial interior specialty contractor in California and Northern Nevada by differentiating itself from its competitors. It does so by offering tailored products and services and by being considered a valued resource and business partner by others in our industry.

Does it feel like your interior space needs more room? Try this solution.

Or do you need to reduce the space to be more productive? Then you need to contact Partition Specialties to install a Movable Walls system. Whether you have an office, meeting room, classroom, church or theater, the total environment becomes a flexible interior with a Modernfold moveable wall system. This will add value and space to a crowded interior, or give new life to an open environment. The different styles that are available will enhance any conference room with a MOVEO or Encore wall. For reduced sound or to just divide a room, choose one of the accordion wall systems. Partition Specialties is the only installer and planner in California for Modernfold products. Choose from a wide range of operable walls to meet any office building interiors. Architects enjoy working with Modernfold wall solutions because of the choices of finishes and styles that are almost unlimited to complement most interiors.

If your environment needs sound protection, choose the Soundmaster, or Audiowall. These will help to reduce the noise level. Only the Acousti-seal system has paired panels that hinge together for more flexibility. As an architect or interior designer you will appreciate the durable finishes on all of the operable and movable walls that match any interior you can imagine. It doesn't matter if you have a large or small space, because Modernfold can improve your area to become more productive. Partition Specialties is the premier installer for all of the Modernfold wall systems as well they can design an interior that will meet your interior building needs. Contact PSI and an experienced representative will show you the many choices to enhance your buildings interior without going over budget.

If your project includes refurbishing or replacing existing wall partitions or standard walls in churches, conference rooms, meeting rooms, restaurants, concert halls, office buildings and data centers, then consider purchasing a Modernfold wall system. Make that remodel complete by choosing a Tate Raised Floor system, or a SkyFold Auto-Lift wall ceiling system. These unique products are all part of the PSI family of products. We take pride in helping you find the right interior wall and floor solution that meets your design requirements.